♥ The Darkness Part: 1 ♥

It was finally the last day of school for Charlie Collins, a 16-year-old girl with long brown curly hair and bright blue eyes. Her skin was as pale as a sheet of paper and because of that, her freckles were much more noticeable in summer. The girl hated her freckles since she thought of them as an imperfection on her face even though her friends were jealous of her having them, which she couldn’t understand. But besides freckles, she loved everything about her life. Charlie had really nice friends that liked her how she is and a really nice family that loved her. She also had good grades without even learning for an exam, which made her school life pretty easy. Charlie’s life was just perfect but sometimes it also appeared as too perfect.

As the 16-year-old arrived at her school, she never expected that this would be the last day. The year went by so fast that she thought that only a few months have passed. Charlie’s school was really modern on the outside, but on the inside, it was just plain white. Sometimes it reminded Charlie of a prison because it was too plain if there wouldn’t be colourful posters made by students hanging around the walls.
The whole school was filled with happy giggles and laughter since it was the last time they would see these corridors and classrooms for a very long time. There also was only one hour parting them from two months of awesome holidays.
But it was also the last day some people saw their friends for a long time because they would move away or fly on a holiday to another country. Because of that also some tears were shed.

As Charlie went inside the classroom Britney and Evelyn were already waiting for her. All of them hugged each other once they saw the 16-year-old come in.
As they let go of her Evelyn asked what they would do throughout their holidays.
‘I’m going to fly to London.’, said Britney happily. It was the favourite city of her best friend, so Charlie felt really happy for her to finally being able to visit the city of her dreams.
‘I’m just going to stay at home. My family and I didn’t really think of something specific to do in my summer break.’, said Charlie. She was really happy about staying at home, it was cheaper and she could be as lazy as she wanted to, even though her mother didn’t really approve of it.
Evelyn told them that she would go to Tokyo, which was very exciting for her since she was learning Japanese for a few years and now she would have the chance to finally being able to use it.

The girls talked and giggled until the teacher came smiling inside the class. It didn’t take a long time until everyone in the class was silent since they knew that the faster they would stop talking, the faster they could go home and enjoy their free time. ‘So, it’s the last day of this school year! I hope you had a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to seeing you next year again!’

After Charlie’s last day of school finally was over, the girl happily ran outside of the building and jumped around while she was waiting for her friends to come out, which were slower at leaving school compared to her. Maybe they would want to do something later on, which she hoped since she still wanted to spend some time with them before they flew away to London and Tokyo.
It was a long time ago that Charlie was feeling free. Free of her school, free of her stress, free of … everything! Now she could be lazy for two months and nobody would care. Maybe she would finally have some time to read some books that were still untouched from the day she bought them or finally play the video games she got on her birthday.

It took her friends a really long time to come out of the school which started to worry the girl. Charlie still waited for some minutes, but as they still didn’t come out, which was really confusing and scary for her, she went inside again and started looking out for them, hoping that nothing bad would have happened to them. But maybe she was just making up Horror scenarios in her head and both of them just went home and Charlie didn’t realise it.
Minutes passed but there was still no sign of her friends. ‘Where could they be?’, she asked herself while she walked through the white and cold corridors which looked more creepy now that nobody was there. The brown haired girl checked every single corner for them and even after she went through the whole school and checked every classroom, her friends were nowhere to be found.
Charlie got really scared and worried about them and hoped that nothing bad happened to them. Maybe they just went home before her and she hoped that she was right, because they left the classroom right before her because she needed some time for herself.

As Charlie wanted to continue walking the corridor, to go home, she couldn’t. It felt like a wall was right in front of her, even though the corridor went on. It was like in some sort of game where you couldn’t proceed because an invisible wall was stopping you, even though there was a whole new level behind it. The invisible wall felt cold just like it would be done out of metal.
Charlie knew that it was impossible to get through, but she still tried to break it. The loud banging noises were heard through the whole school, but Charlie didn’t care. She needed to get out of here. But it didn’t work, which frustrated her.

‘What is this? What is going on here?’, Charlie screamed through the whole corridor. ‘This can’t be real!’
Right after these words left her mouth, the whole corridor she was standing in started to disappear only to reveal a dark wall right in front of her, which she was kicking against. As the girl turned around she realised that she was standing in a lonely dark room with only a small lightbulb on the ceiling, which only lit up a small part of the room. There wasn’t any furniture to be found, only a dark door at the end of the room.

Panicked Charlie ran to the door and tried to open it but even if she used all her strength, the door didn’t budge. ‘What is wrong with this door?’
Charlie was really frustrated at the moment and didn’t really understand what was going on.

‘Is this all a dream?’

‘What is going on here?’, she said really silently and not even a second after that, a voice echoed in the room, which made Charlie jump up because it surprised her.
It was a deep and manly voice, with no emotions. It nearly sounded like a robot.

‘Congratulations for solving the first Level. Please continue on to the second Level.’

While the voice was talking, the girl tried to figure out where it came from, which was really hard to find. At an upper corner of the room, there was a small speaker where she suspected the voice to be coming from.

As the voice faded, the door opened on its own. Behind the door was a lit up corridor, which made Charlie feel really uncomfortable. As she looked outside longer she could see that even more doors were in that hallway. ‘Maybe I’m not the only one here.’
Because she still wasn’t ready to go outside of the room, Charlie stayed inside and sat down in a corner. The girl just needed some time for herself and to collect her thoughts.

‘What is going on here? Where am I? Was my whole life just a … simulation?’



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