♥ The Darkness Part: 0 ♥

The Darkness is a game. A game that only chosen ones can survive.

The Darkness is watching and following you until it comes and gets you.
There’s no way out other than following the rules. If you choose to go against the rules, death awaits you.

You’ll probably never get out alive. Because the only thing that The Darkness wants is to kill.

You will never know if maybe next time, you’re going to be the next one.


Hello! ♥
So I wanted to start uploading my Book here besides on Wattpad and Tumblr! ♥
This book is just for fun and I’m sorry if the grammar or punctuation will be wrong! English is not my mother-tongue, but I really enjoy to write in English!
Feel free to comment anything that I could do better or any ideas you would want to have built in! ♥

I will try to upload a chapter each week on Fridays, but it might be sometimes that I won’t make it since I sometimes get stuck with writing a chapter! ♥

I hope that you still will have fun to read my book! ♥


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