♥ January TBR ♥

Hello and welcome to my new blog post! How are you all? I hope you’re feeling well 🙂

Today I wanted to talk about my January TBR, I know, I know, January is nearly over, but I want to show you my TBR for the remaining moth 🙂

So let’s jump right into it!


The first book that I would like to read is Follow Me Back by A. V. Geiger!

Buy this book here: https://amzn.to/2Re9vwc *


Synopsis (from goodreads):

Tessa Hart’s world feels very small. Confined to her bedroom with agoraphobia, her one escape is the online fandom for pop sensation Eric Thorn. When he tweets to his fans, it’s like his speaking directly to her…

Eric Thorn is frightened by his obsessive fans. They take their devotion way too far. It doesn’t help that his PR team keeps posting to encourage their fantasies.

When a fellow pop star is murdered at the hands of a fan, Eric knows he has to do something to shatter his online image fast—like take down one of his top Twitter followers. But Eric’s plan to troll @TessaHeartsEric unexpectedly evolves into an online relationship deeper than either could have imagined. And when the two arrange to meet IRL, what should have made for the world’s best episode of Catfish takes a deadly turn…

Told through tweets, direct messages, and police transcripts.


I chose this book because I thought the plot was really interesting and the cover caught my eye. Currently, I am on page 176 and I am enjoying it so far! 🙂 I am only halfway through and it is currently a 4/5 Stars. Let’s see what will happen next! 🙂


The next book is The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson!

Buy this book here: https://amzn.to/2NsgqAO *


Synopsis (by goodreads):

In this generation-defining self-help guide, a superstar blogger cuts through the crap to show us how to stop trying to be “positive” all the time so that we can truly become better, happier people.

For decades, we’ve been told that positive thinking is the key to a happy, rich life. “F**k positivity,” Mark Manson says. “Let’s be honest, shit is f**ked and we have to live with it.” In his wildly popular Internet blog, Manson doesn’t sugarcoat or equivocate. He tells it like it is—a dose of raw, refreshing, honest truth that is sorely lacking today. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k is his antidote to the coddling, let’s-all-feel-good mindset that has infected American society and spoiled a generation, rewarding them with gold medals just for showing up.

Manson makes the argument, backed both by academic research and well-timed poop jokes, that improving our lives hinges not on our ability to turn lemons into lemonade, but on learning to stomach lemons better. Human beings are flawed and limited—”not everybody can be extraordinary, there are winners and losers in society, and some of it is not fair or your fault.” Manson advises us to get to know our limitations and accept them. Once we embrace our fears, faults, and uncertainties, once we stop running and avoiding and start confronting painful truths, we can begin to find the courage, perseverance, honesty, responsibility, curiosity, and forgiveness we seek.

There are only so many things we can give a f**k about so we need to figure out which ones really matter, Manson makes clear. While money is nice, caring about what you do with your life is better, because true wealth is about experience. A much-needed grab-you-by-the-shoulders-and-look-you-in-the-eye moment of real-talk, filled with entertaining stories and profane, ruthless humor, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k is a refreshing slap for a generation to help them lead contented, grounded lives.


I chose this book because my mental health is really down currently, so I needed a self-help book and I saw many good things about this one! Really many people recommended this book to me, so I have really high hopes for this book and hopefully, I won’t be disappointed!


The third and last book is Shadow Of The Fox by Julie Kagawa.

Buy this book here: https://amzn.to/30njxPA *


Synopsis (by goodreads):

One thousand years ago, the great Kami Dragon was summoned to grant a single terrible wish—and the land of Iwagoto was plunged into an age of darkness and chaos.

Now, for whoever holds the Scroll of a Thousand Prayers, a new wish will be granted. A new age is about to dawn.

Raised by monks in the isolated Silent Winds temple, Yumeko has trained all her life to hide her yokai nature. Half kitsune, half human, her skill with illusion is matched only by her penchant for mischief. Until the day her home is burned to the ground, her adoptive family is brutally slain and she is forced to flee for her life with the temple’s greatest treasure—one part of the ancient scroll.

There are many who would claim the dragon’s wish for their own. Kage Tatsumi, a mysterious samurai of the Shadow Clan, is one such hunter, under orders to retrieve the scroll…at any cost. Fate brings Kage and Yumeko together. With a promise to lead him to the scroll, an uneasy alliance is formed, offering Yumeko her best hope for survival. But he seeks what she has hidden away, and her deception could ultimately tear them both apart.

With an army of demons at her heels and the unlikeliest of allies at her side, Yumeko’s secrets are more than a matter of life or death. They are the key to the fate of the world itself.


I got this book in a book box before and I was really intrigued to read it, but university and life came in between. So now I am ready to read it! I haven’t heard many things about it, but I love to jump into books blindly!


Thank you for reading my blog post! 🙂
I have a schedule finally! Every Wednesday I will post a Review, TBR, Tag, etc. and every Sunday I will post a Book Diary of every week from now on! I hope you will enjoy! 🙂

I also have a lot of books to review, so be prepared for that! 🙂


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♥ Forged Purity – Review ♥

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“Love was such a powerful thing; even the most wicked and callous were capable of feeling it.”

Title: Forged Purity (Book #1)
Author: Louise Rachel Malhi
Published: September 29th 2019 by Eruditus Publishing
Genre: Dystopian, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Rating: ★★★★★ (4.5 Stars)

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

If you like The Hunger Games crossed with The Maze Runner, with the romantic elements of Twilight, this is for you. . .

When he is the only person who can’t be seen…

In a dark reality run by Media UK, everyone’s life is put on display for entertainment. Nobody escapes being filmed, and nobody questions the system. Until seventeen-year-old Adele Jones gets forced into their covert experiment…her memories manipulated and twisted as part of a grand test.

She must escape the experiment, before she is pushed to the brink of insanity. But to do this, hidden away from the city’s watchful eyes, she needs help. And there is only one option…

…Jason Highbridge – the one person who can’t be filmed. A guy with dark secrets more powerful than Media UK itself.

But will Jason’s unhinged nature get the better of her before she can escape?

Young Adult, futuristic thriller based on science fiction, containing mild dystopian themes

Mild language, mild graphic scenes, suitable for age 14 plus

Additional information

This story includes adventure, mystery, forbidden love, with plenty of twists and turns. It questions the morality of the money-grabbing media, and touches on the themes of the heavy reliance on technology, a big brother style world, genetic experimentation and drug development.

“Great dystopian thriller from a debut novelist”

“This book is primarily aimed at the teenage market but ultimately transgress to the wider reading audience such as myself. The story is set in the not too distant future and the author touches on how much control the media has over it’s citizens and more importantly the government (Sounds familiar?)
It is a fast pace story featuring two protaganists and a six month timeline, jumping forwards and backwards. You are left wondering what is happening until the end for the big reveal. The ending of the story leads the way towards the next book, and i for one will look forward to it.”


I’m going to start off by saying that I have received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. All my reviews are honest and I wasn’t paid to say something positive about this book. That being said, let’s continue to the review.

I know, I know, you should stay objective in a review, but I need to say this. I LOVED THIS BOOK. From the first page on I was sucked into the world and I read through it really fast. I couldn’t put the book down. I literally stayed awake the whole night with my eyes nearly closing to read this book.

The writing was wonderful, so wonderful that I had the whole book playing in my head and it didn’t felt like reading anymore. I love that feeling! It wasn’t simple and not too hard to read, it was just perfect.

It was written that well that it was keeping you on the edge of your seat, wanting to read more and more. It was fast-paced and the characters were written really well. There was great character development and you could really feel the emotions of the characters.

For me, the best chapter was still the first, just how you got thrown inside of the world was wonderful and how it just grips you and pulls you in is fantastic.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes dystopian sci-fi books. It’s a really great read and you can’t put it down once you started.

I’m already waiting for the next book from the author.


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♥ Grüß Göttin – Review ♥

This book is in German so this will be a German review.

{Unbezahlte Werbung}
Vielen Dank an Jetta Heinen das ich das Buch Testlesen durfte! ♥


“Live Your Life To The Max”

Titel: Grüß Göttin
Author: Jetta Heinen
Erscheinungsdatum: 1. November 2018
Genre: Slice of Life
Bewertung: ★★★★★ (5 Sterne)

Klappentext (von lovelybooks):

Was glaubst du, wie viele Menschen es da draußen gibt, die uns guttun und von denen wir nicht einmal wissen, dass es sie gibt?

Über Prag wollte die junge Lehrerin Elise aus Berlin ursprünglich nicht nach Zürich, doch auf ihrer Zugfahrt lernt sie die Künstlerin Babette kennen. Nach einer Zugpanne hinter Dresden beschließen die beiden Frauen in der kalten Winternacht alleine weiterzuziehen und schon bald wird Elise klar, dass mit dieser Frau alles ein großes Abenteuer ist. Was sie nicht weiß, Babette trägt ein schmerzhaftes Geheimnis in sich.


Ich habe dieses Buch zum testlesen Anfang Oktober bekommen und habe mich sofort darin verliebt. Es ist eine wunderschöne Geschichte über Freundschaft und Familie.

Normalerweise lese ich Bücher in diesem Genre nicht, aber dieses Buch hat mich echt überzeugt! Der Schreibstil ist wunderschön und die Charaktere sind bis ins letzte Detail durchplant.
Als ich dieses Buch das erste mal aufgeschlagen habe, hatte ich noch nicht damit gerechnet so ein großes Abenteuer mit den beiden Hauptprotagonistinnen zu erleben. Ich habe mich gefühlt als ob ich mit ihnen dieses große Abenteuer durchlebe.

Dieses Buch hat mich sehr viel zum nachdenken angeregt und hat auch sehr viel mit meinen Gefühlen gespielt. Mal musste ich lachen, mal weinen und das ist was dieses Buch so unglaublich toll macht!

Das Ende dieses Buches hat mir komplett das Herz zerrissen und ich konnte nicht aufhören zu weinen.

Dieses Buch ist der netten Jetta sehr gut gelungen und ich finde es einen sehr guten Debütroman! ♥

Ich würde jedem dieses Buch sehr ans Herz legen, also hört auf mein Review zu lesen und kauft es wenn es erscheint! ♥

♥ The Book Ninja – Review ♥

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Title: The Book Ninja
Ali Berg, Michelle Kalus
June 1st 2018 by Simon & Schuster Australia
Romance, Contemporary
★☆☆☆☆ (1 Star)

Synopsis (from goodreads):

Sometimes love means having to broaden your literary horizons.

Frankie Rose is desperate for love. Or a relationship. Or just a date with a semi-normal person will do.

It’s not that she hasn’t tried. She’s the queen of online dating. But enough is enough. Inspired by her job at The Little Brunswick Street Bookshop, Frankie decides to take fate into her own hands and embarks on the ultimate love experiment.

Her plan? Plant her favourite books on trains inscribed with her contact details in a bid to lure the sophisticated, charming and well-read man of her dreams.

Enter Sunny, and one spontaneous kiss later, Frankie begins to fall for him. But there’s just one problem – Frankie is strictly a classics kind of gal, and Sunny is really into Young Adult. Like really.

A quirky and uplifting love letter to books, friendship and soulmates.


I’m going to start off by saying that I did not finish this book due to being too annoyed with it.

Before buying this book I have read several good reviews about this book on goodreads and many said that it’s funny. This was why I bought it, so that I could laugh once in a while since I’ve been through a depressed mood lately. So I bought this book expecting a lighthearted funny read, but got disappointed 50 pages in.
I thought that the idea of this book was really interesting and it could have been a lot more than it was.

You may ask yourself what may have annoyed me and I’ll tell you that it was the characters. They annoyed and bored the living hell out of me.
While reading this book I’ve been praying for it to be over soon, because of that I DNFed it.

I just don’t know what to say anymore. The plot could have been more interesting for me personally if the characters weren’t that annoying.

I just hated this book. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

♥ On The Other Side – Book Review ♥

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“You were my single greatest adventure.”

Title: On The Other Side
Author: Carrie Hope Fletcher
Published: July 14th 2016 by Little Brown and Company
Genre: Romance, Fiction, Fantasy
Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3 Stars)

Synopsis (from goodreads):
A love story like no other, this is the debut novel from Carrie Hope Fletcher, author of the Sunday Times No. 1 bestseller All I Know Now.

Evie Snow is eighty-two when she quietly passes away in her sleep, surrounded by her children and grandchildren. It’s the way most people wish to leave the world but when Evie reaches the door of her own private heaven, she finds that she’s become her twenty-seven-year-old self and the door won’t open.

Evie’s soul must be light enough to pass through so she needs to get rid of whatever is making her soul heavy. For Evie, this means unburdening herself of the three secrets that have weighed her down for over fifty years, so she must find a way to reveal them before it’s too late. As Evie begins the journey of a lifetime, she learns more about life and love than she ever thought possible, and somehow , some way, she may also find her way back to her long lost love . . .

On the Other Side will transport you to a world that is impossible to forget. Powerful, magical and utterly romantic, this is a love story like no other from everyone’s favourite ‘big sister’, Carrie Hope Fletcher.

I’m going to start off by saying that I really wanted to love this book. I heard so many good things about it and all of my friends loved it and as I was able to read it for class I was really excited, but in the end I was a bit disappointed by the book.

First of all, the main characters were described to look and act like Carrie and her boyfriend, which threw me off a bit, since I always needed to think about both of them and not ‘Evie’ (the main character) and ‘Vincent’ (the mysterious violinist).
Also both of them were near to being perfect, which annoyed me, since there was no depth to the characters. I want them to have flaws. I want them to be HUMAN.

What I really was excited for in this book was the part that Carrie included LGBTQ+ characters in the book, but as I read the book it felt like she only added them for diversity, since their sexuality didn’t really add up for the plot.

Something I also didn’t like was the magical realism, it was just too confusing for me, especially at the end since I didn’t understand what was going on. I understand that Carrie wanted to add it due to metaphores, but in my oppinion it just made it really confusing.

What I really liked about the book was the fluffy romance between the two main characters. They both were just so cute together and I shipped them so much.

The idea for the book and the plot were really interesting to read as well, since it was something I have never read before in my life.

Something I absolutely loved was the writing style of Carrie! It was really easy and fast to read, except at the end where it got confusing, even for someone that doesn’t have English as their mother tongue.

All in all the book wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t great. I would recommend it to people who understand and like magicla realism and are searching for a fluffy quick read.

♥ Gem Nation – Herz Aus Diamant – Book Review ♥

This book is in German so this will be a German review.


Gem Nation

“Selbst die kleinste Flamme spendet Wärme.
Bis zum Schluss.
Und bevor sie erlischt,
kann sie ein neues Feuer entfachen.”


Titel: Gem Nation – Herz Aus Diamant
Author: Emma K. Sterlings
Erscheinungsdatum: Anfang/Mitte Juni 2018
Genre: Jugendbuch, Fantasy, Dystopie
Bewertung: ★★★★★ (5 Sterne)


Gwyn lebt in einer geteilten Welt. Ein Großteil der Menschen hat die Erde verlassen, die nun überwiegend von der Gem Nation, der “Edelstein Nation”, bewohnt wird. Doch auch die Zirkoner – grausame und seelenlose Geschöpfe – treiben ihr Unwesen in der neuen Welt und jagen die Gem Men, um an ihre Herzen zu gelangen.
Als der kleine Bruder ihrer besten Freundin verschwindet, macht sich Gwyn auf die Suche nach ihm und gerät in ein Abenteuer, das alles verändert.


Ich habe dieses Buch zum Testlesen im April bekommen und habe mich nach den ersten paar Seiten total in das Buch und die Story verliebt. ♥
Gem Nation – Herz Aus Diamant, ist das erste Buch einer Autorin, die selber in der Bookstagramm-Community ist und ich sie dadurch auch kennen lernen durfte!

Ich liebe den Schreibstil von Emma K. Sterlings, da ihre Beschreibungen so wunderschön waren und ich beim lesen sogar vergas, dass ich gerade ein Buch lese und mir alles wie ein Film vorkam und ehe ich es wusste, hatte ich schon 100 Seiten gelesen.

Die Geschichte und die Charaktere in diesem Buch waren mit so viel Liebe zum Detail beschrieben und ich konnte es gar nicht fassen, dass dies ihr erstes Buch gewesen sein sollte!
Es war sehr interessant über die Gem Nation zu lesen und ich wollte immer mehr und immer mehr über sie herausfinden, da sie etwas waren, über das ich noch nie in meinem Leben gehört habe und ich die Idee sehr faszinierend fand.

Die Charaktere in der Geschichte wurden sehr gut beschrieben und man konnte sich sehr leicht in die Haut von der Protagonistin, Gwyn, hineinversetzen und auch mit ihr mitfühlen.
Ich finde Gwyn sehr sympatisch und ich liebe es auch, wie sie ihre Meinung vertritt und vor nichts zurückschreckt.

Die Geschichte in dem Buch ist von den ersten an Seiten fesselnd und sehr spannend und man will immer mehr und mehr erfahren. Zu keinem Zeitpunkt fand ich die Geschichte hervorsehrbar oder langweilig.

Im Großen und Ganzen habe ich dieses Buch einfach nur geliebt! Es war eines der besten Bücher, welches ich dieses Jahr überhaupt gelesen habe, und ich bin sehr glücklich, dass ich es zum Testlesen bekommen habe!
Wenn dieses Buch veröffentlicht wird MUSS ich es mir kaufen und ich hoffe, dass der nächste Teil bald folgen wird, da ich es nicht mehr abwarten kann!

Ich würde jedem dieses Buch ans Herz legen, der Fantasy liebt und auf der Suche nach einer sehr guten Geschichte ist! ♥

♥ Whisper – Book Review ♥

This book is in German so this will be a German review.


Ich hasse, hasse, hasse ihn! Er nimmt
mich mit in dieses Haus wie etwas, das
ins Gepäck gehört, nicht, weil es schön
ist, sondern, weil es mitmuss, ein not-
wendiges Ubel wie ein sperriger Regen-
schirm. Notwendig bin ich nicht, aber ein
Übel werde ich sein, darauf kann er Gift

                                                                           Eliza, 3. Juli 1975


Titel: Whisper
Author: Isabel Abedi
Erscheinungsdatum: Juni 2005 bei Arena Verlag
Genre: Jugendbuch, Mystery, Thriller
Bewertung: ★★★★☆ (4,5 Sterne)


Eine unwirkliche stille liegt über Whisper, dem alten Haus, in dem Noa ihre Ferien verbringen soll. Das alte Gebäude birgt ein Geheimnis, über das niemand im Dorf spricht. Furcht und neugierige Erwartung führen Noa immer tiefer auf die Spur eines rätselhaften Verbrechens. Gemeinsam mit David nähert sich Noa der Wahrheit eines nie geklärten Mordes …

Ich habe dieses Buch in meiner kleinen Bücherei gefunden und da ich das Cover sehr interessant fand, habe ich es gleich mitgenommen. Ich habe noch nie von diesem Buch gehört, hatte deswegen auch keine großen Erwartungen daran, aber nachdem ich das Buch gelesen habe, war ich geflasht. Ich habe mich so sehr in dieses Buch verliebt, da ich die Geschichte und Charaktere sehr gemocht habe.
Die Liebesgeschichte zwischen Noa und David war manchmal ein bisschen klischeehaft, zum Beispiel, dass sie sich gleich in ihn verliebt hatte als sie ihn sah. Trotzdem fand ich die Beziehung zwischen den beiden sehr süß und man konnte mitverfolgen wie sie sich durch das ganze Buch aufgebaut hat.
Ich fand es sehr gut, dass immer am Anfang jedes Kapitels ein kleiner Auszug aus Elizas Tagebuch zu finden war und ungefähr voraus sagte, was in diesem Kapitel passieren würde oder auf welche Charaktere die Protagonistin treffen würde.
Was ich mir in diesem Buch gewünscht hätte wäre, dass es sicht mehr um Elizas Geschichte drehte, als um die Liebesgeschichte von Noa und David.
Das einzige, dass mich bei dem Buch extremst aufregte war, dass sie immer bei ‘dem Spiel’ die Finger weggezogen haben, was normalerweise schlimme Auswirkungen haben könnte.

Im Großen und Ganzen war dieses Buch sehr spannend und interessant. Ich würde es jedem der ein Interesse an Mystery und Thriller hat, sehr ans Herz legen.